About Qawn

Qawn is a product of Jordan ahli Bank. Jordan ahli Bank is the first national bank in Jordan, the bank played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of the country’s financial sector, employing its ambitious vision to drive the banking industry forward. Jordan Ahli Bank has always strived to serve as a role model for other banks, leading by example through high-quality products and services and a commitment to comprehensive and sustainable economic development. To achieve its vision, the bank has been working since the beginning to develop strategies and action plans that promote sustainable growth, while still keeping pace with the rapid developments happening in Jordan and throughout the world.

Strategy Statement

Increase long-term sustained economic performance & drive agile and lean operations, by transforming our bank products & services into digital innovative solutions, that address our personas’ motivations & challenges, to create personalized experiences that differentiate Ahli Bank from the competition in alignment with the shared prosperity framework.


To drive the financial & non-financial prosperity of customers and the communities we serve.


Offer sustainable financial & non-financial services that are customer centric, digital, and innovative.


Specialization, Professionalism, Excellence, Ownership, Honesty, Creativity and Innovation.


Shared Prosperity: Customers, Shareholders, Partners, Public, Regulators, and Employees.

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